Shape | How Sloane Stephens Recharges Her Batteries Off the Tennis Court

Sloane Stephens spoke to Shape about what keeps her happy and healthy during her time on the tour. Ms. Stephens highlighted her work at SSF as something that fuels her during her grueling schedule. She noted how she feels a number of important life lessons can be learned through tennis and emphasized just how rewarding it is to be a part of the SSF students’ lives.

Sloane spoke about the work of the Sloane Stephens Foundation and how it motivates her:

To her, the work is fuel, especially for the foundation she started to empower underserved kids in Compton, California. “I use tennis as a vehicle to open new doors and opportunities. There are so many important life lessons learned while on the court,” says Stephens. “And it’s really rewarding to be a part of these kids’ journeys.” 

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