Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – 2019 Sports Award Finalist

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has announced 12 finalists for the 2019 Sports Award, an honor recognizing professional teams, individuals and organizations that strengthen and serve communities through sport. The winners will be honored on November 7, 2019, during an awards presentation at the Foundation’s headquarters in Princeton, N.J.

The Sports Award recognizes innovative and influential approaches to using sports to make communities healthier places to live. Approaches may include: helping children maintain a healthy weight; creating safe play environments; encouraging positive behaviors; eliminating bullying, abuse and violence; and expanding opportunities for children living in poverty.

“At the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we believe everyone should have a fair opportunity for health and well-being. Through sport, people have the chance to use their bodies actively and to interact socially—both essential to good health,” said Richard Besser, RWJF president and CEO. “The Sports Award celebrates those who are using innovative approaches to make their communities healthier through sport. This year’s incredible finalists are breaking down barriers, connecting communities, and providing the space for health to flourish. We applaud them all.”

Finalist for an individual athlete or professional coach’s foundation:

The Sloane Stephens Foundation utilizes the fundamentals of tennis to improve health equity for disadvantaged youth. The foundation’s goal is to empower children to dream and achieve big, on and off the tennis courts, by countering limiting factors such as poverty, public violence or inequitable academic opportunities, with access to safe, supervised play areas, dedicated instruction and equipment, and educational enhancements.