Leadership Academy

What is the SSF Leadership Academy?

  • SSF offers a year-round leadership program for youth throughout CUSD to help develop students into strong leaders both on and off the tennis court. Through engaging workshops, education, assignments, and group service projects, this program is designed to provide kids with comprehensive leadership skills that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

How does the program work?

  • Mentorship
    • Students are assigned a dedicated mentor to help them navigate professionalism, college readiness, career and workforce preparation, and life after high school. Students are empowered to develop their leadership skills and to gain real-life experiences through interactions with community leaders from business, government, and civic organizations.
    • We are looking to expand our offerings to include a student-based mentorship program, where older students are paired with younger students and serve as their mentor throughout the year. Not only will this benefit younger students who are not yet part of the leadership program, but it will also benefit the older students serving as mentors, as they learn how to be an inspiring figure to look up to, and help younger students navigate the year. 
  • Service Project
    • Throughout the year students develop essential leadership skills through a service project geared towards team building, conflict resolution, time management, public speaking and goal setting. This is designed to get students accustomed to successfully working with one another to achieve a common goal, while benefiting the community at the same time. 

What do students get out of the program?

  • This program helps students develop the trait that colleges and employers desire most – leadership. Those who are enrolled in this program will be able to include the SSF leadership program on their resume. This program is also designed to support undocumented students in their pursuit of education by increasing access to available resources. We employ our academy leader graduates through college and assist with post-graduate career planning.
    • Academy leader graduates are employed by the SSF and are assisted with post-grad career options.