Bustle | Tennis Champ Sloane Stephens On The Woman Who Taught Her To Give Back

Sloane Stephens spoke to Bustle magazine for its “Without This Woman” series, highlighting influential figures and the women who helped make them who they are. Sloane spoke about her mother, SSF Executive Director Dr. Sybil Smith, Ed.D. in a heartwarming piece.

Sloane spoke about the work of the Sloane Stephens Foundation and how we’ve pivoted to continue serving our community during the Covid-19 pandemic:

While our communities and the way we helped them are different, with the projects my mom and I have been able to work on during COVID for the foundation, I’ve never been more productive in my life. I’ve been able to be laser-focused in a way I normally can’t be because I’m usually at a tournament or I’m traveling. [Because of the pandemic, the typical tennis tournament season has slowed down considerably.] For the kids who are part of the foundation, it’s really important to have structure and stability. To have people who they know are committed to them, who love them, who support them. I’ve been really lucky ’cause my mom has done that for me. And now, we can be that for other people.

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